viernes, 17 de diciembre de 2010

Random things

I finally Chizu´s basic vb but I need record more xD

XXX, I made Chizu´s sing "Our 16 bit Warz", sounds "good" but need more modifications. The first version is only a preview, I going to make another version. Probably, I have finished this with her vb and the video for this December 24th!

Another thing, I making an UTAU chorus for the song "Division→Destruction of Hatsune Miku". I only have defined 3 permanet sites for 3 UTAUs and I need defined the other 4. And the other problem, Solid Append´s not works good D:


(Kagene Himeka) WIP
Sweet (Kurani Chizu) Done!
(Utane Uta) Done!

I want use for the chorus Karime Miyu, MILLYA, Henteko Hasumei and Eika Sachi :D

This song is probably done with the video for this December 31th! ^w^

Sorry for my bad english! ^^Û

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