About Chizu

About Her

Name: くらに ちいず (Kurani Chiizu)
Signification: くら (Kura, from Kurai, dark) に (Ni, japanese sound(Chi, blood) いず (Izu, a tag pronounced by her)
Age: 14
B-day: 17/6
Height: 5'1'' (154 cms)
Item: An Ax, a chocolate and Nintendo DS xD


She was a Dandere but then began to happen in your life traumas, and high levels, which made her personality in a Yangire. In ocassions, she backs to the her original personality, but is very strange when this happens.

  • Her romaji´s name don´t has the second "i". I ommited this word, because is not very important.
  • She hates the mistake with a yandere, because she kills for defense or revenge not for love.
  • Her actually desing is the seventh and her vb is the 5 version.
  • She has very similarities with Rena from Higurashi and Kanon from Umineko.
  • Sometimes she acts very blushed with people she like.
  • She hates being called "moe" or "cute".
    Terms of Use

    She is free for use. She´s not distributed as a commercial product. Please, do not say that you created, she´s from my propiety, for this, take my credit if you want use her for a song or a video. You can´t use her voicebank for another UTAU or program with need a recorder voice.